Your Sadness (Live)

By Lanikai

Your Sadness is available everywhere for your favourite streaming playlist:

Artist: Lanikai
Title: Your Sadness
Song Version: Live (one take)
'Your Sadness' was written by Marti Sarbit and Thomas D'Arcy.

Produced by Marti Sarbit and Eric Roberts
Directed and edited by Eric Roberts

Band members:
Marti Sarbit
Natalie Bohrn
Casimir Gruwel
Tim Iskierski

Choir Members:
Millie Nyarku
Dana Lee
Tyler Wagar
Mackkenzie Jane
Luke Janzen (tambourine)
Domo Lemoine
Kelly Beaton
Heather Thomas
Liam Duncan
Jess Rae Ayre
Ted Whetter

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