Weekend Cartoons

By Screaming at Traffic

"When we were recording Weekend Cartoons, our producer Jordan suggested that we bring in Jenna from Mobina Galore to lay down some guest vocals. We loved the idea and her voice helped give the song a bit of an edge. Fast forward a couple months and we came up with the idea for this super simple video. We again lucked out and managed to get Jenna on a free evening to come down and film. We did 5 or 6 takes, and just filmed the entire thing on a GoPro with the help of Nicola Baldwin and Craig Leatherdale (The same folks who did our Thrillhouse video)." – Jacques Richer

Filmed by Nicola Baldwin & Craig Leatherdale

Edited by Nicola Baldwin

Featuring Jenna Priestner (Mobina Galore)

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