Right Here

By Begonia

Right Here" by Begonia
From the album Powder Blue, out February 24 on Birthday Cake Records.
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“Right Here” is a love song for all my friends. The Matts (Schellenberg & Peters), Marcus Paquin and I started writing it in December 2019 about how I was on tour all the time – always feeling like I was missing my friends’ milestones, parties, birthdays etc. I love what I do, but the sacrifice is that you're not really someone who can like...BE THERE physically for a lot of important (and unimportant) things back home. We never fully finished the song that December, but then we picked it up again during pandemic lockdowns and it started to take on a whole new meaning. At that time, it felt like everyone was missing everything/everyone because we had to stay apart. Another way this song could be interpreted (that I didn't originally intend) is that I’m haunting all my best friends when they go out without me. Maybe that's creepy but also...tender? It's meant to be tender haha. - Begonia 

Production Company: Dog Days Film Co.
Director: Eric Peterson
Director of Photography: Jesse de Rocquigny
1st AD: Emily Labby
Gaffer: Eric Marroquin Lucha
1st AC: Ryan Offenloch
Set Design: Matea Radic
Set Builder: Seth Woodyard
Makeup: Rachel Lynne Jones
Hair: Kitty Bernes
Editor and Colourist: Jesse de Rocquigny

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