War On Music

War On Music


Winnipeg MB Canada
1 204 219 2158


WAR ON MUSIC is a workers co-op record/print shop run by a bunch of local punks. We do our best to carry a variety of underground independent music mainly within the scope of hardcore punk and metal, including all the sub-genres that go with that territory. We have free in-store shows from time to time, check our upcoming shows section for details. Bands are encouraged to get in touch about selling your music at the store on consignment, and we offer screenprinting and would love to do your shirts or patches etc. On top of that we'll do photocopies/printing for flyers/zines/ whatever for cheap. So come to us. phone us at 219-2158, we're open from 11-7 Tuesday-Saturday, and from 12-5 on sundays.

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