Winnipeg Music Project

Winnipeg Music Project


Music Making Matters.

Winnipeg Music Project is a long-form music interview podcast, CJUM 101.5FM radio show, and event production project, produced and hosted by Métis-Polish avant-pop artist Ashley Bieniarz, focusing on spotlighting local music-makers across all genres since 2015. It is the regional catalyst for discovery, empowerment and promotion of local music. While preserving and celebrating local music through stories of songwriting and the unique journeys of artists who love what they do, the Winnipeg Music Project inspires a new generation of music lovers and makers. In 2019, Ashley Bieniarz opened focus to creating music education and live event programming needed in the local scene to embrace and develop its diversity.

New episodes every Tuesday at 2PM (CST) on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and CJUM 101.5FM (UMFM Campus Radio).


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