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Lloyd Peterson
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Wonder Dog recording is the studio headquarters for producer/engineer/musician Lloyd Peterson (see listing under Record Producers). Located in a renovated character home in St James, the studio features a comfortable creative environment, top quality vintage and modern equipment, and most importantly the owner's experience and positive attitude. Other features include production, co-writing, remote recording services, and MFM accreditation. It's a good place to make music.

Discography As Studio


Darlingford Cara Luft

Released: June 19, 2012

Producer: Cara Luft

Label: CRS (Continental Record Services), Independent

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Exes & Uh Ohs

Exes & Uh Ohs Katie Murphy

Released: May 13, 2011

Producer: Katie Murphy, Lloyd Peterson

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The Vibrating Beds 7"

The Vibrating Beds 7" The Vibrating Beds

Released: February 18, 2011

Label: Transistor 66 Record Co.

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Hoe Hoe Hoe Holiday Songs

Hoe Hoe Hoe Holiday Songs JP Hoe

Released: December 12, 2010

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Home by Rick Yarish

Home by Rick Yarish Hillbilly Burlesque

Released: June 26, 2010

Producer: Rick Yarish, Lloyd Peterson

Label: Independent

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In The Lonesome Hours

In The Lonesome Hours Vanessa Kuzina

Released: April 16, 2010

Producer: Oh My Darling, Lloyd Peterson

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In The Lonesome Hours

In The Lonesome Hours Oh My Darling

Released: April 1, 2010

Producer: Lloyd Peterson & Oh My Darling , Lloyd Peterson

Label: Independent

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Broken Tambourine

Broken Tambourine Ingrid Gatin

Released: October 13, 2009

Producer: Ingrid Gatin, Lloyd Peterson

Label: Self Released

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House of Cards

House of Cards Various Artists

Released: September 16, 2009

Producer: James Keelaghan, Lloyd Peterson

Label: Tranquilla Music/Borealis

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World At Large

World At Large Dust Poets

Released: May 26, 2009

Producer: Dust Poets, Lloyd Peterson

Label: Productive Apathy

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