BPM | Monetizing Your Art

Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 at 7pm
Allan Kingdom
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The world of music is ever-changing and very little has had as big an impact on the music industry as the internet and web 2.0 – It's hard to argue that. Roughly 23 years after web 2.0 took the world by storm, we're at the dawn of a new and fascinating place in how we communicate online, this new space is Web 3.0. Now the question is, how does this new iteration of the internet affect the way we consume music in 2020s?

The BPM program in collaboration with MusicWorks is sitting down with one of the true trailblazers in music's new burgeoning token-based economy, Grammy-nominated artist, Allan Kingdom. This discussion will tackle the concept of decentralized, token-based economies, exploring blockchain trading and art as literal currency. Tune in to this thought-provoking look at how you as an artist can monetize your music in this new landscape, figure out where to start, and get insider tips and tricks on where to start.            

About Allan Kingdom
Allan Kingdom is a 3x Grammy Nominated recording artist, performer and producer. Coming from humble beginnings, and a loyal grassroots fanbase starting in his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota he represents a blend of Canadian, African, and American culture stemming from his diverse background. Allan has remained independent while touring internationally and collaborating with the likes of Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Denzel Curry, Flume, and many more... The young mogul continues to pave a new lane in Hip-Hop and pop culture for younger generations to come.

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