Demystifying Income & Sales Tax

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2022 at 12pm
Kathryn Kerr, Tonic Financials
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Manitoba Music


With tax season upon us, many folks working in music face a growing number of questions when it comes to filing their income tax or registering for sales tax. Kathryn Kerr of Tonic Financials returns to share info about business income tax and sales tax, and how they apply to your music business. Topics covered in this session will include an overview of the Canadian tax system, how to best use your bookkeeping to prepare for tax season, and clarification of business "write-offs" for musicians. 

About the Speaker

Tonic Financials is a bookkeeping and financial consultation company run by Kathryn Kerr, a DIY musician for the past 10 years in Winnipeg. Tonic Financials allows artists to focus on their passions, taking the stress out of bookkeeping and money management. Tonic offers a range of services from bookkeeping setups, business consultation, bookkeeping packages, and tax preparation.

Currently, Kathryn plays in KEN mode, Merin, Viva Non, and solo project Tansy. So if she can find time to do bookkeeping, so can you! 

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