MEMETIC X SCALE Sectoral Climate Arts Leadership for the Emergency

Friday, Jun 9, 2023 at 3:45pm
Annette Hegel, Organizational Development and Network Lead from SCALE (SCALE-LeSAUT)
Manitoba Music
530-112 Market Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Music


This event is open to any and all organizations and individuals that are involved in the art, music, creative and cultural scenes. Annette will speak about SCALE's mission, initiatives, networking, and resources that aim to expand climate action through several modes of change. Of particular interest to people and organizations in the music industry will be a discussion about how new efficiencies to reduce carbon emissions along with promoting lower-impact events and activities will encourage cost savings in the medium and long term. This event will illustrate a path forward to help fight climate change and reduce operational costs in a variety of unique and effective ways.

Annette's presentation will be followed by an extensive Q&A. 


Meet & Greet 3:45 PM
Session 4 - 6 PM

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$5 Manitoba Music members
$10 General Admission (Non-members)

About Annette Hegel

Annette Hegel is an artist activist, arts administrator and urban farmer and part of the growing group of ecologically-minded artists raising awareness about environmental issues, creating immersive installations that provoke empathy, not fear. Her work is rooted in fostering long-term and wide-ranging thinking about climate change and its effects. Annette's multi-disciplinary work comes from a place emphasizing social-critical art culture and has been presented on Turtle Island and in Europe.

Outside of painting her art practice, Annette has worked in multiple roles in the cultural and non- profit sectors for more than 35 years. As of October 2022 she has taken on the role of Organizational Development and Network Lead for SCALE - Sectoral Arts Leadership in the Emergency - the first organization bringing individuals and institutions from all arts and culture disciplines together across Turtle Island to collectively tackle the climate crisis.

She is a co-founder of Slipstream Collective and Spectral Weavers, and currently sits on the Boards of Directors for the Independent Media Arts Alliance and the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. She is an ongoing participant in the Carleton University’s Research Centre for Music, Sound, and Society in Canada “LiSTEN” project - a community-engaged and multidisciplinary research project exploring the complex relationship between listening and social transformation.

Annette is a queer settler of German birth, residing on the unceded and unsurrendered territories of the Anishinābe Aki, in the city now known as Odawa/Ottawa where she is part of a new and exciting collective of experimental artists exploring caring and resilient life models at the ART FARM.

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