Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 9:30am
Brenda Baker
Park Theatre
698 Osborne Street

With artists relying more on touring and playing live to earn a living, putting on a great performance has never been more important. Solo singer/songwriters especially need to learn the skills and techniques behind connecting with the audience. In this extended and interactive workshop, Brenda Baker will spend the day demonstrating proven elements of exceptional live performances. Real performances will be critiqued and feedback will be offered to help reinforce concepts presented.

Brenda is an experienced performer, speaker, writer and performance coach, specializing in the area of singer/songwriters. Bands can get lots out of this workshop too, as all musicians who play on stage (especially the frontman/woman) need to perform in a way that captures the audiences attention.


In a nutshell, I help singers and musicians connect more effectively with their audiences with the ultimate goal being to make the audience love the performer. It's a lofty objective, but why would anyone get on stage hoping that the audience just sort of likes them?


The live music triple threat is: great songs, great musicianship, and consummate performing skills. My focus is the third threat.

-Brenda Baker

 Testimonials from those who have worked with Brenda:


"I was knocked out by her workshop!!! I have played a lot of shows as a member of  the Northern Pikes, as a solo artist, and with numerous other music combos, and I found that about 15 minutes into Brenda's workshop I was learning so many new things about performing that I could hardly believe it!!"
- Jay Semko, Northern Pikes

"I was so thankful to find Brenda Baker just when I needed her... [She] came through brilliantly, with an answer for every question... I highly recommend her!"


-T Culler, Songwriter


"Brenda was instrumental in helping me to create an effective set list, use techniques to highlight the best features of each song, and experiment with new technologies...With Brenda's guidance I was challenged to try new strategies to connect with my audience and worked outside my comfort zone with great results."


-Carrie Catherine, Performer and Songwriter


More info on Brenda Baker and Nexstage Coaching:

**NOTE: Please arrive early, as this workshop will begin at 9:30 AM sharp.

Contact: Scott
Phone: 975-5188

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