Digital Music Production

Saturday, Mar 13, 2010 at 1pm
Mark Royal (AKA Mr. Sofalumpkins, AKA T-Power )
Manitoba Music Resource Centre
1-376 Donald


In this advanced creative workshop Mark Royal (AKA Mr. Sofalumpkins, AKA T-Power ) will be on hand to demonstrate production techniques for DJs in Digital Audio Workstations.  The following topics will be covered:

How to get an effective balance. This is the core of any dance track, get this right and everything else is easy.  Construction do's and don'ts, balance, EQ and enveloping.

Understanding the relationship between pitch and frequency, understanding your frequency ranges, setting a 3D sound stage, understanding pan laws, ambience reverbs and how to use distortion/overdrive as part of the overall mixdown process.

Spatialization, understanding what frequencies can be widened.  Compression, ratios, thresholds and how to listen for artifaction from over compression.  Limiting, why clip limiting is the best option for the digital domain.  Multimeter, how to read its peak and rms values and reading the "crest" between the two.

**Please note: This is a hands on workshop, which requires all participants to bring a laptop with them with a Digital Audio Workstation pre-installed.  For full technical requirements, please contact Jesse Rubin of Makeshift Productions at 204-960-3786 or


More about Mark Royal:

Mr. Sofalumpkins comes to us from the distant shores of the UK, where he enjoyed success as T POWER with SHY FX and had notable successes with such memorable/recognizable tunes as “Shake Your Body” and “Don't Wanna Know”. In between conquering the commercial music charts he also led the way with the Hardcore and Jungle/DNB genres, and his “Mutant Jazz” is widely credited as being one of the trailblazer tunes for 'intelligent drum n bass'.

Note: Those interested in registering for this event may do so by contacting Makeshift Productions at 204-960-3786, or at

Presented in partnership with Makeshift Productions


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