Onstage: Live Music Coaching with Tom Jackson

Monday, Mar 14, 2011 at 3:30pm
Tom Jackson
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue



Tom Jackson

Come prepared to hear what no one else is teaching…practical ideas and tools to make your concerts come alive and keep your audience coming back! Information you won’t get at any other seminar, Tom’s principles will amaze you, and applying them will make your live show something to talk about.

We understand “the audience” and the three reasons why people go to a concert or event – so we run everything through the grid that asks:

1.     Does this capture and engage people?

2.     Are we creating “moments” or just playing music?

3.     Are lives affected or changed?

Tom will teach you how to accomplish these goals and equip you with the right tools and techniques.  The seminar classes are fun and full of great teaching. You’ll be inspired, and ideas will begin to flow on how to apply this to your artistry. You’ll be able to find the “moments” in your set, and in turn, you’ll get a greater response from your audiences.

Topics include:

-Making more money from your show

-Overcoming stage fright

-How to plan but still be spontaneous

-The 3 most important things for those onstage

-Movement (you know you need to do something but what?)

-and, much, much more

No one has walked away from a workshop disappointed! It’s an investment in your career that pays off in a very real way once you begin to apply Tom’s principles.

About Tom Jackson

For over 20 years, Tom Jackson has had a unique niche in the music industry. His work as a “live music producer” has helped shape the public presentation of many of today’s artists from the stage.

Helping artists develop their show into “unique memorable moments,” Tom's teaching and consulting has influenced artists from numerous genres for tours, events, and showcases. Rock, pop, Gospel, worship, and country artists, such as Taylor Swift, Casting Crowns, BarlowGirl, and too many more to list have all benefited from Tom's teaching. Even world-renowned George Bush impersonator John Morgan uses Tom's expertise.

Tom's work with independent artists has also been a calling from the beginning of his career. As the music industry changes and more indies are realizing the importance of their show in their career, the demand from indies for Tom's services and knowledge is off the charts.

Tom is also much in demand as a speaker, teacher, and workshop leader at music conferences worldwide. He's taught at every GMA since 1990, events where young artists like Jordin Sparks (American Idol) have started their careers. He's been on panels at events such as the CMJ in New York City (with Peter Criss from KISS). And he teaches at events around the world (including the US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia). To keep up with the demand, Tom has trained performance consultants, created educational audio and video materials, and has developed seminars and workshops that have helped thousands of musicians, bands, and speakers develop the onstage element of their careers.

Contact: Roland Deschambault
Address: 1-376 Donald Street
Phone: 204-975-5188


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