Future Watch: Indie Record Labels

Saturday, Apr 30, 2011 at 1pm
Arts & Crafts
Hidden Pony
Last Gang Entertainment
Profound Lore
Manitoba Music Resource Center
1-376 Donald Street, Winnipeg MB



Jeffrey Remedios, President, Arts & Crafts (Broken Social Scene, Feist)

Mark DiPietro, VP Creative, Last Gang Entertainment (Chromeo, Metric)

Chris Bruni, Owner, Profound Lore Records (Agalloch, Dawnbringer, Ken mode)

Rob Calder, Owner, Boompa Records (Woodpigeon, Leeroy Stagger)

Mike Renaud, Upper Management, Hidden Pony Records (Hannah Georges, Said the Whale, Imaginary Cities)

As the traditional record business struggles to find its feet in the turbulent sea of increasing digital music downloads and the death of retail music, the Independent record companies are at the forefront of creating a new model for the music industry. On a global scale, independents are bridging the old and new music business realities. Due to their smaller size, flexible corporate culture, and close relationship with the music they release, indie record labels adapting to the new reality in a variety of remarkable ways.

This workshop will be a discussion of the role of independent record labels in the Canadian music industry, and will address the specific circumstances that have allowed independent record labels to thrive in Canada. The panel will discuss how they choose what music to release, in what ways they support and are involved in other aspects of a musician’s career, from touring to publishing, and how their relationships with their artists work, both artistically and financially.

Contact: Roland Deschambault
Address: 1-376 Donald Street
Phone: 2049755188


Program Development: Discuss the role of indie record labels in the Cdn music industry,how they choose bands,how they support musicians careers

Attendence: 33


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