The Art of the Schmooze: Maximizing Showcases and Conferences

Saturday, Jan 7, 2012 at 1pm
Rick Fenton, Executive Director, Western Canadian Music Alliance
Stephen Carroll, Manager, Empirical Artist Services (Imaginary Cities, The Weakerthans)
Manitoba Music Resource Centre
376 Donald, Winnipeg, MB





If planned properly, music conferences like North by Northeast, Canadian Music Week, and South by Southwest are a great way to kick start your career. The audience is potentially filled with music industry folks such as managers, agents, lawyers, and many others who can give your career a boost. Many artists and bands have made the trip to these events on their way to major worldwide attention. What makes a Festival and Conference even more exciting is the fact that these undiscovered gems get a chance to rub shoulders with international touring acts and industry tastemakers from all over the world. But going to a major music conference can take a big investment of money and effort. And just showing up certainly doesn’t guarantee success, as many artists have discovered the hard way. This workshop will provide strategies on how to get the most out of your showcasing opportunity.

About Rick Fenton

For over 30 years Rick Fenton has made his living in the Music Industry. Starting out as a musician, he has also been a producer at the CBC, Artistic Director at of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and a live event producer for events like JunoFest, The Queens visit, Premier’s Conference and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Conference. Rick has also produced over 20 albums for artists as diverse as Big Dave Mclean, Greyhound Tragedy, Bill Bourne, and Ian Tyson. For the last 4 years Rick has been the Executive Director of the Western Canadian Music Alliance and the BreakOut West Festival, Conference and the Western Canadian Music Awards.

About Stephen Carroll

Stephen Carroll is a member of The Weakerthans and has performed with the punk rock band Painted Thin, Greg Graffin, and Jim Bryson. Carroll co-produced The Details' Lost Art, which he also plays on. With his company Empirical Artist Services, Carroll manages The Weakerthans, Jim Bryson and the Weakrthans, and Imaginary Cities. In the past year, Imaginary Cities has had releases in Canada and Europe with a release in the US in the coming year, have played in Germany and Australia, and have toured in support in the Pixies North American tour.


FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact:
Roland Deschambault, Training Coordinator Manitoba Music
P: 204.975.5188

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