Going the Distance: Indie Career Sustainability

Saturday, Mar 2, 2013 at 1pm
David "Click" Cox, CLK Creative Works (Emma-Lee, Saidah Baba Talibah)
Michael Gorman, Pandyamonium Management (Serena Ryder)
Tim Potocic, Sonic Unyon (Young Rival, Teenage Head)
Manitoba Music Resource Centre
1-376 Donald St., Winnipeg, Manitoba





As the gap between the mega-hit makers and working class artist continues to grow, most artists, along with their managers and labels, ask for just one thing: to make a living. Everyone wants to have a hit, but no one sets out to be a one-hit wonder. For many, success in the music business today comes from laying a foundation on which to build a sustainable, long-term career.

Indie artists, independent labels, small management companies, and boutique music companies are leading the way, creating a new model for the music industry and bridging old and new music business realities. Where indie used to be a choice, it’s now the only choice for most artists. With dedication to their craft and DIY attitude, Canadian artists and companies are taking the lessons from Canada’s well established indie sector and updating their playbook for the post-digital economy.

This workshop will discuss the independent spirit of the Canadian music industry, and will identify tools that artists and companies have used to thrive in turbulent times. The panel will discuss setting attainable goals, building a committed fanbase, setting your business on a sound financial foundation, and understanding when and where to look for growth. Topics will include everything that goes into an artist’s career, from touring to publishing, and how to build a team that provides the best chance at a long and sustainable career in music.


FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact:
Roland Deschambault, Training Coordinator Manitoba Music
P: 204.975.5188


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