ROUNDTABLE LUNCH: The Midwest as a Gateway to the American Music Market

Saturday, Sep 30, 2017 at 12:30pm
David Safar, The Current 89.3
Jade, The Current 89.3
Jesse Stensby, Vitriol Independent Promotion
Jesse Wiza, The Current 89.3
Jim McGuinn, The Current, 89.3
Tom Loftus, Modern Radio Record Label
Manitoba Music
1-376 Donald St, Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Music


The American Midwest is one of the largest and closest markets for Manitoban artists and offers the potential to book enough regular performances to keep a P2 Visa active for a full year. The Twin Cities area is only a seven-hour drive away while the region’s overall population is roughly twice the size of Canada and encompasses 10 metropolitan areas, each with well over a million people. To explore strategies for using The Midwest as a gateway to the rest of the American market, we will be joined by Jesse Stensby of Vitriol Promotion who has worked with Canadians such as Arts & Crafts, Metric, Stars, Mother Mother, and many more, as well as the team from Minnesota Public Radio's, The Current 89.3 and Modern Radio Record Label (Deerhoof, Motion City Soundtrack, and more).

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