Decipher: Hip Hop Professional Development Series | Session 1

Thursday, Nov 23, 2017 at 6pm
Andrew Sannie, The Lytics
Tasha the Amazon
Daniel Bennett, Transit22
Alan Greyeyes (moderator)
Manitoba Music
1-376 Donald St, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Manitoba Music


The first session of Decipher will be a panel discussion about the relationship between the genre and the larger industry. What does it take to secure opportunities to move forward as an artist? How can we build the scene outwards in order to put Manitoba hip hop on the map beyond our borders? What resources are available to help artists grow their business and their brand? Joined by a panel of four Canadian hip hop artists from different backgrounds with unique stories of success, we'll discuss ways to navigate through local, national, and international industry.

Registration is $10 or pay what you can. To register in advance, send an email to

Winnipeg’s hip hop community is in the spotlight with Manitoba Music’s new professional development series, dubbed Decipher. Building on Manitoba Music’s hip hop-focused projects over the last year and responding to feedback from the local community, the series will centre on building Manitoba’s rap scene and helping the local community make critical career connections. The Decipher series is slated to continue in 2018, offering the local hip hop community more opportunities to learn from and connect with key hip hop industry pros and peers alike. Stayed tuned for more at


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