DIY Series: Becoming Export-Ready

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018 at 3:30pm
Alastair Burns, Heartstop Music
Caroline Borolla, Clarion Call Media
Clemence Godard, Bird on the Wire
Danny Simons, Grand Hotel Van Cleef
Mark Weld, Songwriter
Manitoba Music
1-376 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB
Manitoba Music


Reaching listeners across the globe is many artists’ primary goal. From touring, to album sales, to streaming, and sync placements, breaking past Canadian borders can seem like an impossible task. There are showcasing opportunities that put artists in front of international industry professionals but what does it take to be considered "export-ready"? What are labels, agents, and managers from other countries looking for when signing an international act? What are the pieces that should be in place, the numbers that should be reached, and the targets that should be met? Join us with some experts from the worldwide music industry to learn about how to ready your music for export.

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