Thu, Jan 24, 2019, 6pm - 8pm
Uzoma Asagwara, QPOC Winnipeg / RPN BScPN
Elliott Walsh, Studio 393 / Artist
Jason Burnstick, JUST TV at the BNC / Artist
Joy Balmana, Synonym Art Consultation
Kiana 'rookz' Eastmond, Sandbox Studios
Witch Prophet, Artist
The Tallest Poppy
103 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, MB
Big Fun Productions
Manitoba Music

Conversations around representation and intersectionality in music have been increasingly in the spotlight. How do we as a music community create real and progressive change and equity in the industry? Join community members for a free panel discussion exploring current issues and tangible ways forward with a focus on gender, sexuality, ability, and the experiences of Black people, Indigenous people, People Colour, and the people who exist at those intersections.

The discussion will be facilitated by Uzoma Asagwara, a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur, registered psychiatric nurse, former member of the Premier's Advisory Council on education, poverty, and citizenship, and the founder of QPOC Winnipeg.

Presented by Manitoba Music and Big Fun, this panel discussion is part of January Music Meeting, which runs in conjunction with the Big Fun Festival, January 23-27. Find out more at

This is an open discussion that may cover difficult topics related to oppression. There will be a trained clinician available on-site for support.

Description of Location:

  • The entrance to the Tallest Poppy has one step, and two narrow corner doors.
  • There is not push button on the doors. The seating is varied primarily booths, and tables, there will also be hard back chairs.
  • There are two washrooms, both are gender neutral, one has a stair to enter, and a narrow door. There are no change bars or grab bars in the stalls. Neither washroom has a button to enter.
  • The lighting is warm and low, there are some fluorescents, and natural lighting.
  • There is no wheelchair accessible seating.
  • There are no earplugs at this venue.

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