Info Session with ACTRA RACS

Friday, Feb 8, 2019, 12pm - 1pm
Bonnie Fedrau, ACTRA RACS
Manitoba Music
1-376 Donald St, Winnipeg, MB


Bonnie Fedrau from ACTRA RACS (Recording Artists’ Collecting Society) will be hosting a free info session to help you learn more about collecting royalties, and to help break down the process and connect you with royalties that are owed to you as a performer. These royalties include performers such as the producer, session musicians and background vocalists to featured artists and members of a group – uncover royalties that they are entitled to.

ACTRA RACS is a not-for-profit performer collective, an experienced team of professionals, all dedicated to working and ensuring that all recording artists, from session musicians to featured vocalists, are paid for the use of their work. ACTRA RACS collect royalties within Canada and from around the world, representing tens of thousands of recording artists (directly and through our agreements with international partners) across all genres. To date ACTRA RACS has collected and distributed over $90 million to performers around the world. ACTRA RACS pay the musicians and vocalists who perform on master recordings that have been released and received radio airplay in various mediums.

For more info or to pre-register, contact Jacques Richer at

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