The Road to BreakOut West: Exporting Music to Global Markets

Monday, Sep 30, 2019, 3:30pm - 5pm
Monday, Sep 30, 2019, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019, 1pm - 4pm
Augustin Sérès, Mélodyn
Gabriela Urquiza, Glamrock Agency (Argentina)
Goc O'Callaghan, Ubiqu Live
Kiana 'rookz' Eastmond, Standbox Studios
Rachel “Rachie” Jackson, Roc Nation (US)
Simeon Pranger, Tree Top Agency (Netherlands)
Manitoba Music
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Monday Sep 30, 3:30-7:30PM | Panel: Exporting Music to Global Markets

Reaching listeners across the globe is a major career goal for many artists. From touring and showcasing to sales to streaming and sync placements, breaking past Canadian borders can seem like an impossible task. What does it take to be considered "export-ready"? What are the leading social media platforms and digital strategies that engage fans in other markets? What are labels, agents, and managers from other countries looking for when working with an international act? What are the pieces that should be in place, the numbers that should be reached, and the targets that should be met? Join us for a two-part session with international industry experts to learn about digital strategies and how to ready your music for the global market. 

3:30PM | International Digital Strategies

Having a solid digital strategy is critical to breaking through the noise and building a global fanbase. We’re going to dive into the many ways artists can use digital tools and social media. We’ll also look at the major platforms being used and how are listeners consuming music.

5:30PM | International Export Strategies

Breaking into a new market can feel a lot like a chicken and egg situation. What comes first? The tour or the agent? The agent or the label? The label or the fans? We’ll be speaking with industry professionals from all over the world to talk about best practices for bringing your music to new markets, who should be the first on your team, and how to perk the interest of those who can push your music forward.

Participants may attend one or both workshops.

Tuesday Oct 1,1-4PM | One-on-One Mentor Meetings

This is an opportunity to meet face to face with music industry professionals from all over the world to receive inspiration, guidance, and ideas for your own music career.

One-on-ones are free, available to members only and must be booked in advance by emailing The length of your meeting will be based on availability and number of registrations.


Space is limited and advance registration is strongly encouraged.

Childcare can be provided, free of charge, with three days advance notice.

ASL interpretation and live transcription can be available by request with one week’s notice.

Three ways to register:

PHONE us at 204.975.5188
IN PERSON at Manitoba Music

For more info please contact:

Elise Roller, Industry Development Coordinator
Manitoba Music


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