Manitoba Music

Hope on the Shores of Bedlam

By Dawson Blaine

Saturday, March 24th, 2012
Dan Donahue Creative
Catalog No.
Hope on the Shores of Bedlam

Hope on the Shores of Bedlam features simple yet poignant arrangements, each song calling for a different combination of instruments that ranges from the eerie drones of accordion on "The Fourth of July" to the bluegrass vibe of "Upon a Map of Dreams." In order to capture the intimacy and cohesion of a live performance, all songs and major instrumentation were recorded live in the studio, with veteran producer Dan Donahue at the helm. The unnatural consistency attainable with modern recording techniques was not a priority, for such methods often document music in a way that sounds artificial and uninspired. Rather, what is captured here is the magic of focused musicians gathered together in a small room, playing music in the most natural way, heeding to the restrictions and vitality of an earlier era.

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