Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 2pm
Derrick McCandless
Strong Badger
679 Sargent Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Guitar 101

We will cover a few of those basic skills needed to play guitar. You will learn general maintenance on a guitar and what to look for to keep your guitar in fine shape.You will learn some basic chords and how to read Tab ( a basic musical language). We will all learn a song together and perform it at the evening concert. Please bring a guitar, we will teach you how to to tune it if you don't know how. Please try not to be late, there is a lot to cover. 

Guitar 102

A more advanced look at guitar, we will learn some basic fingerstyle techniques, theory and will learn a piece that will be played at the evening concert. We will learn looping and guitar synth techniques, so you can be a one man band or enhance your already established performance. Learn how to play lead to a song with movable scales. We will learn some alternative tunings and how you can quickly get back and forth from each tuning easily. Please have your guitar tuned to A 440 ( just regular tuning) for the workshop and try not to be late,there is a lot to cover.


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