Sun, Feb 19, 2017, 11am - 9pm
DJ Breeze
Justin Lacroix
À La Mode
DJ Beekeeni
DJ Cedrik le Fantastik
Red River Mutual Trail
1 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB
Festival du Voyageur

Ambient Roots Synthpop

The Voyageur spirit right on the Red River Mutual Trail with traditional food, drink (beer and Caribou), music and joie de vivre!

Friday, February 17, 2017                

7–10am Breakfast on Ice
8:00am Spence Tradition
4:00pm DJ Breeze
7:00pm Haitia

Saturday, February 18, 2017

11:00am DJ Breeze
1:00pm Sol James
4:00pm JC Campbell
7:00pm Fierté Winter Pride Party

Fierté d'hiver is a Winter Pride Celebration for Winnipeg’s LGBTTQ community that is open to everyone. Two-Spirited People of Manitoba will start the celebration with a traditional drum song and welcoming invocation.  Plus, ROOM SERVICE Winnipeg has lined up a night of entertainment featuring Local DJ’s, and a drag show performance by Lita Takeela and more!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

11:00am DJ Breeze
1:00pm Justin Lacroix
4pm Fashion on Ice
4pm Discothèque on Ice
4:30pm Monsieur Iceberg aka Damien Ferland
5:00pm A la Mode
5:30pm Special Guest
6:00pm DJ Beekeeni
6:30pm Special Guest
7:00pm DJ Kasm
8:00pm DJ Cedrik le Fantastik

Monday, February 20, 2017

11:00am Wild Winter Canoe Race
12:00pm Family Rendez Vous on the Trail
10:00am DJ Breeze
4:00pm The New Customs

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