Sat, May 27, 2017 at 2pm
Knox United Church
400 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Saturday, May 27 is National Drone Day in Canada, a day when locally organized groups across the country get together to celebrate the most basic, ancient and universal element in music. As it says on the Drone Day website (

"Drone music encapsulates and includes all kinds of sounds: bagpipes, chanting, tandura, the diverse landscape of electronic musicians who orchestrate knobs and pedals into otherworldly soundscapes.

Drone music, with its extended or repeating tones, is a re-imagining, a redefining of the ears’ relationship to silence, to ground, to negative space. Drone is easy to understand but broad enough to encapsulate a wide variety of experimental streams. It’s a fixed-point singleton for the avant-garde; challenging, but accessible to the layperson, with a creative path stretching onto infinite horizons."

We’ll be droning from 2:00 – 4:00 at Knox United Church with an assortment of Winnipeg’s finest drone artists ranging from the traditional to the experimental. We’ll be droning together individually and in small groups at first, culminating in a massive drone jam. Feel free to pop in for a bit or immerse yourself in the whole experience from beginning to end. 

Drone Day is an initiative of Weird Canada ( The Winnipeg event is brought to you by Sonika Sound Arts in collaboration with the featured artists. Free admission. Donations will be gratefully accepted to cover expenses and the venue.

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