Sat, Nov 11, 2017
Nomadic Massive
The Good Will Social Club
625 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Advance Cost
$20.50 Buy Online

Nomadic Massive raps and sings in English, French, Creole, Spanish and Arabic. This Montreal based multilingual crew has always pushed its message past all borders. Over the years, the musicians have had the opportunity to share the stage with top notch artists, providing an action-packed show, where the crowd is an integral part of the concert.

In 2004, the collective made up of solo artists was created in Montreal in order to participate in a hip hop Festival in Havana, Cuba. After spending three weeks living together with music as the main focus and sharing strong moments with Cuban artists, the group came back to Montreal with the idea of putting together a mixtape and a show in order to showcase their experience. The night of the concert, the venue quickly packed up and the mixtapes rapidly sold-out. The next day, Nomadic Massive, surprised by the massive turn-out, decided to push the experience even further by participating in any community shows between Montreal and Toronto.

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