Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 6:30pm
Attica Riots
The Treble
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
School of Rock
Advance Cost

Alternative Punk

Advance tickets are $15 and are available at the school located at 657 Corydon Avenue. For more information on School of Rock Winnipeg, please visit

School of Rock Winnipeg, the local leader in performance-based music education, is putting on an unforgettable evening of Rock and Roll at the West End Cultural Centre on Sunday, December 17th at 630pm. The young local rockers will play their hearts out at Rock the Halls. This concert will place students on stage with various local musicians from the around the city. Bands include Attica Riots, The Treble, Clipwing, Pushing Daisies plus many more! It is hopeful that this concert will become an annual event raising money, food, toys and clothing for various charities. School of Rock is proud to announce that they are teaming up this year with United Way Winnipeg.

Through a unique performance-based approach, School of Rock students are guided from the lesson room to the stage where they will be playing a selection of local Rock/Pop songs as well as rocked out Christmas versions of some classics for a group of friends, family and music lovers. After months of rehearsals, talented young, local musicians will showcase their abilities on guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, drums and vocals.

“Performing is the cornerstone of our music education! It’s a really simple concept to context approach that gives our students the opportunity to rock out on stage in front of an audience! We feel this is an invaluable life experience that will aid in their self-confidence for years to come,” said Mike Reis, General Manager at School of Rock Winnipeg. “Through months of lessons and rehearsing in a group, students are introduced to a totally different dynamic and way of learning that is showcased so beautifully at these concerts.”

Reis adds, “Challenging themselves to perform on stage allows the students to work towards a common goal and feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s over. Now, add the opportunity to perform with local musicians that they watch perform throughout the city regularly. It’s an amazing experience!” “The thrill of making an audience go nuts and playing with the mentors is something these kids will remember for the rest of their lives and we love being able to share it with the city. We are especially excited about this event as it will help us raise money and collect donations to give to United Way. It’s teaching another valuable lesson of our community helping out another community! It’s definitely something that we want to incorporate into our school and our students.”



I'm Not The Only One by Attica Riots

Ten Thousand Floors by The Treble

Ashford Album Preview by Clipwing


Love Sunshine & Hysteria



"I'm Not The Only One" by Attica Riots




"Wherever You Go" by The Treble



"Dirty Lights" by Clipwing

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