Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 8pm
The Farrell Bros.
Guns of Wolseley
The Crackdown
The Murder Birds
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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This past December marked fifteen years since the passing of punk rock icon, Joe Strummer.  In his memory, local musicians reunite and pay homage by resurrecting an annual tribute event from Winnipeg's past. 

Strummer was an ambassador for punk rockers worldwide, preaching words of racial unity and denouncing war and greed on a global stage for twenty-five years.  Until late 2002, when he passed away at the age of fifty.  His shortened life proved testament to his "give it all you got and forget it" mentality that he poured into every show, recording and interview.

"A lot of Winnipeg's Rock'n'Rollers really connected with Strummer's words and the ethos he and The Clash personified" remarks Johannes Lodewyks, who - along with local Rock-a-Billy act, The Farrell Bros. - has played every one of said tributes at the West End Cultural Centre. "Back then, to jump into action and put something together in his honour was a no brainer.  This city needed to celebrate the short life he gave us and preach the words he taught us."

Past tributes have always featured a wide array of local artists and have attracted a wide range of spectators, making the West End Cultural Centre the perfect fit for the diverse crowd.  And a crowd it will be!

"We've done seven of these tributes in the past and they were always a massive success.  Not only in terms of attendance but as a means of introducing crowds to like-minded bands who shared a love for Strummer's brand of rebel rock."  

Bands like Lodewyks' SubCity (Dwellers) attribute a portion of their heritage and fan-base to what used to be an annual gig for them.  "We would go that extra mile and give the crowd a full fifteen Clash songs with the full horn section".

That mentality carries over this February for a very special evening that features some essential pieces of Winnipeg's punk rock lore.  The Farrell Bros. return to the WECC for the first time in years along with a very special reunion from punk rock bad boys, The Crackdown and local veterans, The Murder Birds.  To top it off, an all-Clash set is slated to be performed by Guns of Wolseley, an all star group made up of members from SubCity, The Noble Thiefs, Bo Legged, The Vibrating Beds and Kids on Fire.

Three days before the gig, February 7th, marks the 8th Annual International Clash day, celebrated worldwide.   

"People can change anything they want to.  And that means everything in the world.  Without people, you're nothing." - Joe Strummer

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