Sat, Jun 9, 2018 at 8:30pm
Pleasure Dens
Sam Singer
171 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Punk Singer/songwriter

Pleasure Dens
Fusing the melodrama of Copenhagen post-punks such as Iceage, Holograms and Lower with the grit and aggression of American noise rock in the tradition of Scratch Acid, Winnipeg's Pleasure Dens are a sonically blistering yet melodically inclined rock outfit prone to pairing bouts of rhythmic mania and piercing feedback with brooding--though sometimes explosive--vocals reflecting the ever-present allure of giving up on everything.

They are making a record soon.

Fitness (Edmonton)
Fitness is an art punk band from Edmonton, Alberta concerned with human form, the commodification of self, and the slipperiness of membership. Their songs are frenetic, featuring wiry guitar and a tightly wound rhythm section. The words are ambiguous and full of meaning. On February 22nd, Fitness released their debut full-length -ing, which quickly rose to the top of CJSR’s charts.

Sam Singer
Sam Singer creates a fluent mix of songs reminiscent of the style of Leonard Cohen, and a pop sensibility packaged in a way that stands on its own. Sam’s voice has some element of old and tired, of seen-this-done-that, of whatevers-next-is-whatever, and some of a gentle young tenderness like baby birds at the age they’re shoved out of the nest. His voice has real personality, a thick almost dull authenticity, and a soft and inviting vulnerability that could probably speak to someone at any age.

Venue has both gendered and gender-neutral washrooms, and is unfortunately up a flight of stairs. 

$10 Advance tickets available May 17th at Forth and Into The Music Osborne


Blue Trees by Sam Singer




"Sistor" by Sam Singer

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