Manitoba Live Music Event

Winnipeg Folk Festival | At The Hundredth Meridian

Friday, Jul 6, 2018 at 4pm
Roger Roger
The Secret Beach
Leonard Sumner
Bur Oak
Birds Hill Park, Manitoba
Winnipeg Folk Festival
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Roger Roger is a sibling folk/roots duo from Winnipeg, Canada. Twins Lucas and Madeleine Roger are both singer-songwriters who have joined forces, each playing guitar and shamelessly harmonizing all over each other’s songs. Their debut album "Fairweather" - which reached the No. 1 spot on the National Folk/Roots/Blues charts - showcases the twins' diverse songwriting skills, and is filled with harmonies and thoughtful arrangements.

Lanikai, like the Hawaiian beach they get their name from, mix the serene and the stormy, pulling together lush, sparkling alt-pop vibes and swaggering ‘60s soul groove to create a timeless, distinctive sound. Instead of breaking under current trends, they bend with them. Instead of being haunted by influences that came before, they celebrate them with subtlety. Their first, self-titled offering distills this approach to its finest form: gorgeous, poignant pop music.

Micah Erenberg is a songwriter, performer and recording artist from Matlock, MB. Micah performed his first show ever in 2007 and has been touring North America since the age of 17. In 2016, Micah independently released his debut album, Poor Mic’s Toe, which was primarily self-produced and recorded. Micah is now preparing to release his sophomore album, co-produced/recorded by his friend, Alexandre Bonenfant (July Talk, METZ, Kandle, etc).

Anishinaabe MC/singer/songwriter Leonard Sumner's storytelling flows directly from the shores of Little Saskatchewan First Nation, located in the heart of the Interlake of Manitoba. On stage he poetically sings awake the consciousness of audiences may have been unaware of their slumber. In this era of unsettling history and healing wounds of the past, Sumner's music is an expression of medicine that walks the line between fortitude and fragility.

Micah Visser named his band Boniface after the Winnipeg neighbourhood where he grew up, where he forged a sound that would take an indie sensibility and make it glisten, finding its way to a new kind of 21st century pop. Boniface offers something different than the norm, something rare and bright and fine: a new pop talent that has found its way alone, undiluted, electrifying, boundless in its ambition.


God Is by The Secret Beach

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