Sun, Jul 8, 2018 at 7:30pm
Susan Fulford
Kari Rutherford
Mikyolo Odut
Lutheran Church
20 2nd Ave, Flin Flon, Manitoba

Join Susan Fulford, Kari Rutherford, and Mikylo Odut for the second musical era feature presented by the Flin Flon Flutist Concert Series. 

The “Create your own Concerto” concert in the “Music through the Ages” series is a new idea to engage audience participation. In an effort to include many of the composers of the era once again, a decision was made to pick one movement, or section of the piece, of different concerti (large scale works for a soloist and orchestra). A concerto is generally in three movements: movement one (fast), movement two (slow and peaceful), and movement three (quick and lively). We have picked two movement ones, two movement twos, and two movement threes, or enough for two concerti. Audience members themselves will select how which movement from each category we will play first by random selection! The remaining concertos worth of movements will be grouped and performed later in the program. 

Aside from this, we will again feature prominent and popular pieces from the era. Learn about the composers lives: their inner thoughts, day to day events, and even what they thought of each other. 

For tickets, call, etransfer, or email the following: (204)271-3694, or visit Northern Rainbows End on Main.

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