Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 9pm
The Deeds
Snarky Remarkable
Scott Malcolmson
The Good Will Social Club
625 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Door Cost


About The Deeds:
Deeds not words. Lead singer and songwriter Dan Scram often gets asked how he came up with the name The Deeds : “The Deeds means actions not words, service without boasting.” This is a mantra he tries to live by in his day-to-day, and it is precisely this type of honest approach to life that he also takes to his songwriting. While his band has gone through a few personnel changes and stylistic approaches over the years, Dan feels he's finally found the soulful roots-rock sound he's been looking for. With multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Rusu (Ron Paley Big Band, Calvin Volrath), lead guitar player Pierre Freynet (The Lenny Chet Breau Band), drummer Brennan Saul (Brasstronaut), and veteran bassist Jordan Gentle on his team, the band chemistry is tangible and Dan's musical ideas really come to life. Having just released their second album, Late O'clock, The Deeds will soon be leaving their hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba and touring western Canada in the spring of 2018.

About Snarky Remarkable:
After years of being terrible as an artistic choice, Chris Kilrea committed to attempting to create quality work. Snarky Remarkable is one of the outlets for these creative efforts.


Be Right Where You Are by The Deeds




"Love Is On Fire" by The Deeds

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