Manitoba Live Music Event


Saturday, Jun 8, 2019 at 9pm
Curse the Sun
DJ Evil Bastard
DJ Vortex
Windsor Hotel
187 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Door Cost


Welcoming the Summer in Goth/Industrial Style, Ogremind & Strange Things Emporium present this event which features special Guest, via Vancouver, DJ VORTEX as well as a live performance by ADiethylamide! This will take place at The Windsor (187 Garry St.) where the Cover will be $5 before 11pm & $10 after. Copies of the Curse The Sun CD will be given to the first 20 people to come to the DJ table to express how much they despise the shiny thing in the sky that mocks them! There are NO advance tickets for this event! If you want to avoid the $10 cover, get there before 11pm!!!

DJ Vortex - Currently based in Vancouver. Musical Preferences: 80's wave, ebm, industrial, goth, dark wave, futurepop, 90's alternative, indie, punk and other oddities.

ADiethylamide - Solo musician Anthony Alexander Valade based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
ADiethylamide is a musican from a post-apocalyptic world; An offspring from a despairing writers fictitious realm of existence.
ADiethylamide's dark electronic tones derive from dreams and fantasies alike. This strange wave of imagination inspires a recreation of those images in an effort to self-appease.
A world of crime, drugs, and passionate feelings for love, empathy, lust, or murder are awakened through unconventional storytelling. Whether it be in visual media, print, or live musical performances lunacy will burn through and a mind will be at rest once again.


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