Manitoba Live Music Event

Winterruption At Home

Friday, Mar 26, 2021, 7pm - 8pm
Del Barber
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West End Cultural Centre



This livestream is presented with support from Safe At Home Mb.

Winter in Manitoba can be a long, cold, dark time. But if the rumours are true – Winnipeg is filled with hearty people who actually still live and thrive in winter.

In a normal year, WINTERRUPTION is an effort to give you a great reason to leave your house in the dead of winter. This year is different. We want you to stay home and enjoy the festival. With the support of Safe At Home Mb., we’re bringing you five amazing concerts in February and March to enjoy from the warmth and safety of your home.

The West End Cultural Centre is thrilled to be presenting the second-annual Winterrution in partnership with Safe At Home Mb. our all-Manitoba lineup featuring The Small Glories, Mise en Scene, Super Duty Tough Work, Anthony OSK, and Del Barber.

Del Barber grew up in the Canadian Prairies, and the landscape is as much a part of him as the people he has met along the way. From the fertile Red River Valley to the pastures of the west, straight into the factory floors and slaughter houses of the city, Barber’s fourth album, Prairieography, is born out of a love for his home, its people and their stories.

Recorded at Empire Recording in Winnipeg, the albumis blanketed in warmth, subtle textures and true-to-life imperfections; the rhythm section was captured live to analogue tape and uses audio sounds from combines and augers.

In an effort to take his creative process to new heights, Barber undertook a painstaking approach to achieve an organic sound. The reverb was recorded inside a 150-foot grain silo. “We had to disassemble the studio, scale the walls of the silo, hang microphones and a speaker,” Barber describes. “We amplified the instrument, like the pedal steel, into the silo and recorded again, then the track would have to be synched up with the song.”

Prairieography was produced by Barber and his trusted steel player Bill Western. Using the digital and analogue recording techniques, Barber manages to channel the classic records of past heroes while still standing firmly on his own.

Barber sings from the heart about his roots, telling tales from the road, and offering incredibly personal and sincere observations of the world around him. There is an unexpected blend of old-time country and Cajun boogie on “Living With A Long Way to Go”, however Barber maintains his characteristic storytelling style with “Farewell, God Bless You, Goodbye,” a story about a young man trying to escape the hum of the city.  “Walking In A Straight Line,” written in the present tense, chronicles a trip he took to the Yukon from Winnipeg via the Rockies. On “All That it Takes,” Barber enthuses, “Sometimes three chords and a light heart are enough to make a good song. We really wanted to incorporate a few songs, like this one, on the album that would lean on heavy grooves and simple soul-driven rhythm sections.”

Barber has emerged as one of the next wave in this country’s proud tradition of songwriting talent. The follow-up to his award-winning albums Love Songs for the Last Twenty and Headwaters, Prairieography is the earnest travelogue of a wandering troubadour, and the realization that creativity is rarely a bolt of lightning.

Good songs are the result of hard work, calloused fingers and learned lessons from a life well lived.




"As Far As I Can Tell" by Del Barber


Hudson Bay Rules (CKUA Session) by Del Barber

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