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We've been busy planning our upcoming album, as well as getting ready for our next show!

The website is currently being re-tooled with the generous help of our friend(s) at littlewebpages.net. (Check 'em out.) So if you see something weird or out of place on the site, let's hope it's only temporary. ;)

We're playing on Saturday, December 20th at The Zoo, with Epptide and The Downtown Love Affair. The doors open at 9:00, Epptide will take the stage at 10:30, we'll be hitting the stage at 11:45, with TDTLA to follow.

We'll have a few more new songs for you at this show, and we will be donating a portion of the evening's proceeds to Winnipeg Harvest! So, not only will you be coming out to spend a rockin' evening with The Saucermen, you'll be helping out those in need at Christmas time! It's Win-Win!

For those that would like their tickets in advance, please contact us, or visit Planet Of Sound at 1109 Henderson Highway. They're still only $5, so excuses are limited. Please think of the children. Merry Ho-Ho to all, and to all a rockin' night!

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