Uptown/The Harlots/Connoisseur of Ruin

By The Harlots

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Uptown Magazine / Nov 2nd 2006
The Harlots say this album is their best yet and theyíre damn right. Iíd go so far as to say that Magistrate, Slaves, the title track and Separated Generation are some of the best the Garinger bros. and Mark Sawatzky have ever written, Alien be damned. In fact, I havenít been able to get this 10 song melodic rocker out of my CD player for a couple of weeks now, even though GWAR just released a new disc. Connoisseur of Ruin is just that good. The Harlots have crafted a sublime slice of music that recalls the best of Jawbreaker and other dark rock bands, using emotional delivery, layered melodies and vocal harmonies to make each hook a wrenching passage that draws you deeper into the song. A great album start to finish, and hopefully one thatíll help this long-serving band break out into the big leagues.

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