Segweh begins breaking ground into local industry.

By Segweh

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After a long wait, Segweh is perpared to jump feet first into the local scene - then look even further with its availability of its 5 song EP/Demo and first self produced show @ Smitty's on Henderson (Oct. 13th).

The show comes 1 week before the group heads to Manitoba Contact held this year in Thompson , Manitoba.

The EP/Demo - produced by award winners Paul Scinocca and Atik Mason, is a rich introduction to the group, and even includes a couple of sneek peeks into future recordings by including two demo tracks recorded by Atik at Ebby Road Studio.

Segweh looks foreward to beginning a new chapter for its members, who look foreward to applying experience gained by touring with previous projects and its exposure to industry events across Canada, which included a Juno win in Halifax for the majority of its members who were involved together in a previous group.

Here they come.....

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