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What's the Deal? Too much passing for pop-punk nowadays so easily triggers irritation that it's easy to get down on the entire genre. But then albums like Broadway Calls surface boasting songs like "Van Rides and High Tides," where charging guitars give way to a buoyant chorus proclaiming, "My heart beats faster every night / Please let this last forever," and suddenly you're 15 again, singing your heart out in some kid's basement, smiling and dancing like an idiot with 50 of your er, closest friends. Melodic romps like the vigorous "Escape from Capitol Hill" and "Call It Off" will touch a nerve with fans of the Loved Ones and Latterman, while the pounding and obscenely catchy "Suffer the Kids" is sure to get every ass in the room shaking.

See full article here: http://www.spin.com/features/band_of_the_day/2007/10/071010_broadwaycalls/

See Broadway Calls live next week:
10/16/2007 - London, ON @ Call The Office
10/17/2007 - Toronto, ON @ The Horseshoe

Broadway Callsí Self-Titled album is in stores now! www.myspace.com/broadwaycalls

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