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The West End Cultural Centre Presents
~ November Events ~

w/ Athavale
Wednesday, November 7th
Tickets $14 @ Ticketmaster and WECC

Jully Black is one of Canada’s most influential hip hop/r’n’b artists. When she’s not doing things like touring with the Black Eyed Peas, she can often be found collaborating with artists like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Usher, as well as Canadian talents like Dallas Green and Hawksley Workman. Her new album Revival is filled with rich, distinct vocals and delivers an infectious sense of joy. Revival will have you jumping out of your seat, clapping your hands and abandoning yourself to the dance, just as Jully gives herself over to each and every song.

w/ Land of Talk
Thursday, November 8th
Tickets $12 at Ticketmaster, Into the Music, Music Trader and WECC

Rockers Cuff the Duke hail from Oshawa, Ontario, but their reach is universal. Critics and college radio alike have touted them for their prowess and one of their biggest fans is Hayden, who took them under the wing of his own label, Hardwood Records. They were the first band apart from Hayden himself to have an album on his imprint. Their second Hardwood release, the gritty alt-country epic Sidelines of the City, will be released on Oct 23 and followed up with a performance at the West End on November 8. Joining Cuff will be Montreal’s Land of Talk, who have been turning the heads of bloggers and scenesters across North America, including such prestigious publications as Stereogum and Paste Magazine.

Thursday, November 15th – Concert
Friday, November 16th – Dance Party!
Tickets $17 in advance @ Ticketmaster and WECC

We are once again thrilled to welcome back the "unofficial house band of the West End Cultural Centre," The Duhks. Since last we saw them they have travelled the world, played a Led Zeppelin tune with John Paul Jones, been to the Grammys, and broadened new and exciting horizons with new singer Sarah Dugas (Madrigaïa) as Jessie Havey left the band to pursue other interests.

The Duhks will play a two-night engagement, with Thursday being set up in a concert style with row seating. Then on Friday night we’ll cast away all those pesky chairs so that the people who love to dance can get up and have plenty of room to do their thing. Either way, it’s going to be a great couple of nights!

David Essig, The D.Rangers, & Romi Mayes
Saturday, November 17th
Tickets $17 @ Ticketmaster, Into the Music, Music Trader and WECC

Beverly Street is a compilation of songs, all written by Canadian folk legend David Essig over the last thirty-some years and represents an inter-generational Canadian Roots Music summit. It captures some of Canada’s most dedicated artists creating inspired performances that resonate with musical kinship. It is an emotional alchemy, a balance between the wisdom and restraint of an experienced veteran like Essig and the raw molten enthusiasm of a younger group like Romi Mayes and the D.Rangers. Join us for the celebratory launch of the album where it was recorded, in Winnipeg’s West End.

w/ Cansecos
Monday, November 19th
Tickets $10 Advance @ Ticketmaster, Into the Music, Music Trader and WECC

Mood Swings, the new album from Small Sins, starts with a bang--literally. "If you give me the gun, well, I'll shoot myself in the foot" are the first words on the album sung by Small Sins front man/mastermind Thomas D'Arcy. He doesn't stop there. Nearly every song on the album is a hypnotic tapestry of shimmering electronics, organic instrumentation, and D'Arcy's ongoing quest for the most shameless pop hooks possible. Joining Small Sins are The Cansecos, who cut-and-paste sampling with intriguing pop melodies, live instruments and programmed beats, analog mixed with digital, dark ruminations vs. playful humour; merging into an overall blissful electro-rock journey.

Wednesday, November 21st
Tickets $12 in advance available at WECC and Ticketmaster

The Dust Poets are genre-bending acoustic ambassadors of small town Manitoba angst, who poke affectionate fun at themselves and the world around them with original songs that evoke the enlightened absurdity of everyday life. Even though the group's members are sometimes scattered around the country, they love returning to the West End. Their November 21 performance will be recorded by CBC radio for airing on Shaken not Stirred as well as Canada Live.

Thursday, November 22nd
Tickets $12 in advance @ Ticketmaster and WECC

Dustin Bentall has packed a lot of living into his twenty two years and intends to colour the rest in without much concern for going over the lines. The Americana roots flavours and thick honest whiskey howl of his voice turn this first collection of story songs into true self-portraits. Dustin's music is full of beautiful scars that are described for you through bleary eyes. The recordings ring with campfire integrity and an uncompromising lust for life.

Saturday, November 24th
Tickets $18 in advance at Ticketmaster and WECC

Sam Miltich grew up in northern Minnesota in a musical family. Gatherings in the Miltich home bring family and friends together to play music and sing. Sam has played music from a young age starting on the piano, learning to read and write music, then playing bass and tuba for his school's band. At age 14, Sam began to study the guitar seriously. At age 15, Sam heard Django Reinhardt's music in Woody Allen's "Sweet and Lowdown" and knew he would dedicate his life to the music of Django Reinhardt and the art of the gypsy jazz guitar. He has toured the world and performed alongside some of the most talented players in the world.

w/ Plants and Animals
Saturday, November 28th
Tickets $12 in advance at Ticketmaster, Into the Music, Music Trader, and WECC

The Polaris Prize is an award given by Canadian music critics to honour, celebrate, and reward creativity and diversity in Canadian music. In 2006 the inaugural award was given to WECC alumnus Final Fantasy, and we are pleased that the only other artist to have won this prestigious award is also making the West End Cultural Centre its Winnipeg stop. Patrick Watson’s album Close to Paradise took the 2007 Polaris Prize and the Juno-nominated band will be here to present their show on Wednesday November 28. This is bound to be one of the year’s most popular shows and tickets are already selling quickly! Label-mates Plants and Animals will open the show.

w/ Baby Eagle
Thursday, November 29th
Tickets $10 in advance at Ticketmaster, Into the Music, Music Trader, and WECC

Christine is one of our favourite artists and what luck that she happens to live right here in Winnipeg! She is a multitalented musician, writer, and composer and her work has been featured in film, stage, and dance productions. In addition she has put out four albums, the latest of which is entitled Nevertheless and is coming out in November on Six Shooter Records. We are thrilled to present the release of this work, which is undoubtedly her best work to date. Her wit and charm, combined with an acute self-awareness on stage makes her performances unforgettable. Joining her for this celebration will be an amazing band including Daniel Koulack on stringed things and Winnipeg ex-pat Barry Mirochnik (Veda Hille, Neko Case) on drums.

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