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                                             **INTRODUCING** ALYX KNIGHT

                        CHECK OUT THEIR DEBUT SINGLE “SAY HELLO” NOW!!!

                                              ALBUM DUE OUT THIS WINTER

TORONTO, CAN January 7, 2016 - Cease & Desist. A letter based on these words could cause frustration, even fear in just about anyone. When that “anyone” is Canadian band ALYX KNIGHT, it fueled the musical fire more than anything else.

Two years into the life of the project, the band received said letter from an individual claiming use of their (now) former band name. With a large number of critically acclaimed shows and an already solid fanbase sticking around no matter what the band was called, it.was.ON. The foursome sprang forth with their tongues firmly planted in one cheek, one giant middle finger in the air and, inspired by the birth name of the letter’s author, played the same-name-game. Thus, a brand-new ALYX KNIGHT was born.

Check out their first single, “Say Hello”, an easy, breezy, beautiful slice of effervescent electro-pop. Cut from the same colourful cloth as upbeat indie pop contemporaries like Passion Pit and Capital Cities, ALYX KNIGHT was quickly signed just after their inception by UMPG stateside. Their 8-track debut ‘Physical Memory’ showcases the band's talents in writing both big bangers and heartfelt tunes all of which manage to sound fresh, yet still comfortable like your favorite records.

Visit for a listen of three PREVIEW songs!

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