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Style : Blues
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Tracy K has seen it all. From marriage, having children to divorce and beating an illness. Together with her qualities as a songwriter and blues musician and her never absent optimism this lady defines somehow what the blues is. She sings like Bonnie Raitt or Koko Taylor, blows her harp as any old-time blues harp player and is above all passionate about her stuff. What’s the Rush is her fourth album since she started recording in 2000 and the album comes with 8 tunes of which seven are brand new and self penned. 

Leading track “Everybody Wants” is quite strong and gives away that Tracy is quite serious about the blues. Followed by “I got the Honey”, a delta blues tune on which the dobro of Jamie 'Snakeman' Steinhoff put down the basics of this tune. “Done Gone Wrong” is yet another strong blues tune that will finds its way into our brand new blues show later this year. Closing the album is Randy Newmans’ “I’m Guilty” done in a very decent and intimate manner. Respect!

What’s The Rush? I have no idea, as this album definitely never invites us to skip or fast-forward at any point. To be honest it is an open invitation for another spin, over and over.

Mr. Blue Boogie



Google translation from Croatian -   by Mladen Loncar

Tracy K September 30 publishes album "What's The Rush?", Which came to me thanks to Sarah French. Eight songs in 35 minutes gave something that can not really describe in text. Why? Read below.

The eight songs of which seven original and one cover of Randy Newman ("I'm Guilty") brings a new presentation or approach to this musical expression. What is it and how, almost every time Sarah, your choice of artists and their albums smitten me? I wonder what will break before: electrified tracks or acoustic compositions. Such expressed composer potential with such musical arrangements rarely seen ... excuse me, heard! Such a mix of old school blues when it comes to acoustic blues in fundamental manner such as Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, while in those electrified sounds 'hard & heavy' brand for example, what to expect in blues for the 21st century.

There really is no hurry, maybe that's true, because time is against Tracy K and her music, her blues from which we can really expect a hell of a good thing.

With Tracy K (guitar, vocals, harmonica), on the album were doing and Jason Nowicki, Terry Barnett and Tony Desmarteau on guitars, Leonard Lewsh Shaw on keyboards, Vaughan Poyser and Nenad 'Keza' Zdjelar on bass guitar, George Demeduk and Ty Rogers on drums, Jamie Steinhoff dobro and acoustic guitar, and Travis Haugen on the organ. And here I am already in the fifth track, "Done Gone Wrong," and I even wonder just to expect from the next three ... how good it sounds, how splendidly designed, how excellent presentation done ... madness!

"What's The Rush" is her fourth album and from album to album Tracy always goes further and always gives something new, fresh, unpredictable and a hell of an original. Her harsh and raspy vocals and 'smokey' style of harmonica playing just fascinates, and the accompanying musicians created original musical expression, deeply engraved feelings and atmosphere of the best traditional blues, and urban blues in general. This completely justifies all the saliva glistening assessment made by numerous music critics.

Tracy K with her blues paved way into the international arena. But this is not the end ... the story goes on and somehow culminates in the acoustic version of the song "I'm Guilty" Randy Newman, which echoes and harnesses perfect guitar playing and unique vocals and subtle playing harmonica.

Personally, I truly believe that many will recognize this 'awesome' album and that she would be paid in full. Yes, it's always totally crazy when the album does not expect a lot and then wins me over and I am left in disbelief, to sit and wonder if it's possible.... it is, for sure, and so I'm really happy and satisfied, because I will sleep peacefully ... the future of the blues is safe and stable.

I have come to the end of the album, and now what? Nothing, let's go back to the beginning and again I am here ... "Everybody Wants" ... and I wonder how this is possible ... you just need to have a 'certain something' in itself!

Listening to the album, irrevocably gives the impression that clearly outlines all the power and capabilities of the band, but also the extremely original musical expression of absolutely unique Tracy K.

In short, you reach out to this album you will be pleasantly surprised by rich, distinctive and inspired compositions, which will fully meet you and brighten up your valuable time.


All in all, "What's The Rush?" intended blues connoisseurs who simply appreciate quality and luxury of significantly different numerous other editions. Of course, no nominations for numerous blues awards and not to discard, and then all of you who imagine that the true blues connoisseurs and lovers of inspired musical style, know that this is the right album for you!

If you do not believe me, here's what others write:"With some browsing through the Canadian blues scene, we already know that we are dealing with an extremely strong musician… A voice that can make it rock but also very soulful." - Rootsville

"…A powerful and rich vocalist and a harmonica player of the highest order… Navigating between folk blues, pure juicy blues and blues that is tinged with pop, Tracy K pulls no punches." - Zicazine

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