“Crazy” Songs by T. Patrick Carrabré

By T. Patrick Carrabré

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Crazy is the inaugural release for Winter Wind Records. The album title comes from the song cycle by T. Patrick Carrabré, recorded here by Naomi Forman, voice, and Mary Jo Carrabré, piano, with Pat contributing electronic cues and auxiliary percussion.
This music explores the edges of beauty—that place where darkness meets light and inspiration can lead to obsession. It confronts the question of whether the creative process demands that practitioners step outside the bell curve that defines normally acceptable behaviour, to a darker place where the rawness of emotion can carry them away. Murder, obsession, dominance, lust and pain are themes that cycle through the five movements, with hints of Monteverdi, Gesualdo, Schumann, Berlioz, Tárrega and Grainger providing reference points along the way.
“I’ve often wondered whether you have to go over the edge to reach your potential,” says Carrabré. “While I continue to hope that the answer to that question is no, I am completely sympathetic to those who have lost their grounding in the ecstasy and anguish that is creativity.”
This set of songs moves Pat squarely into the new world of indie classical. With influences ranging from post-modernism to alternative music, Crazy runs the gamut from lyrical beauty to driving dance beats. Following his two-year stint as the weekend host of CBC Radio 2’s The Signal, Pat’s music evolved beyond the dark intensity of his post-romantic symphonic works to embrace more fluid melodies and a warmer harmonic pallet. His use of electronics also allows for a grittier sound.
As a special bonus, the album contains some actual EDM, the Audiation Remix of the cycle’s last song, Pain, as well as a stand alone track: The Garden.
Release Date: October 27th, 2017 on Winter Wind Records, through the Canadian Music Centre Distribution service.

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