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Dreaming of Cuba as thousands get ready to fly south for a winter getaway

(December 3, 2017 - Winnipeg, Manitoba) – With thousands of Canadians looking to escape the winter cold, chillout artists Ashes and Dreams feel their longing and desire for a warm getaway. The sentiment is wonderfully captured in the band’s hot new release, Havana, which just appeared on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and other worldwide distributors.

As Winnipeg's Lisa Saunders sings in her sultry, velvety voice: “We need an escape / we’ll fly away to / Havana”, she reminisces about a former trip to Cuba, where she and her partner enjoyed mojitos on the beach, palm trees and swim-up bars – and pine to return. The universal theme and electro-dance vibes have already been played by radio stations such as Tri Lakes Radio Colorado, KYBN Radio California, UMFM 101.5 FM Winnipeg, and will be added post-Christmas at SBS Chill Australia.  


In their Dec. 7 article, Music Musings & Such says: the amazing duo Ashes and Dreams certainly distract one’s mind from the cold and wind with their hot single, Havana. It puts the mind and body in the Cuban capital and erases the sensation of a cold winter.

The Storm Magazine calls Havana “A New Favourite” while lauds the CD’s material: “Ethereal vocals and unique atmosphere here. Love the ethnic vibes.”

Bartosz Po Prostu (music blogger) says “…the latest Ashes and Dreams album "Havana" is a 100% dose of good energy, like a cocktail of refreshing vitamins. The rhythmic accompaniment of Lisa's vocals, repeating the chorus like a mantra, swaying and warming at the same time.”

Ashes and Dreams’ Liv Mircea also has strong links to Havana. He grew up in a one-time communist country (Romania) and is exceptionally proud to release the album:

“This is for my father. He was a great admirer of (former Cuban leaders) Fidel Castro and Che Guevara but he never had a chance to visit Havana. He was always saying, ‘My son, this country needs engineers, not musicians. Keep your feet on the ground.’ Comme le temps passé. What can I say? Follow your heart.”


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