Paige Drobot interview for MUSICAlive! Magazine (Calgary)

By Paige Drobot

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"Later on the same stage, but with the tight sound of a rock trio filling the room, the guitar teacher Paige Drobot demonstrates her amplified gymnastics. When we join her outside of the Legion for a smoke, right after her set, she is thrumming like a racehorse after a win. Which is a pretty accurate statement! We talk about her progression through bands and recordings towards this particular, very well-honed, rock and roll sound.

      “I don’t play anything I don’t mean: lyrically. every note on the guitar, I feel it. it’s just emotion. It takes a lot out of me!”

Paige might be amused to know that her last statement is pretty obvious onstage, and from the fans who keep stopping to blurt enthusiastic accolades while we talk." 

- excepts from Paige Drobot interview with MUSICAlive! Magazine at Femme Wave Festival, Calgary , AB. 

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