Orvis To Release New Recording Of Old Favorite

By Orvis

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Singer/songwriter Orvis is releasing a new semi-acoustic single of the previously released song Only Your Love on March 21, 2021, culled from recording sessions at Studio 23 with Jody Hunter helming the boards.

States Orvis, "In July 2020, I was very adamant about getting back to recording my own compositions. I had booked a session at Studio 23 in St. Anne, Manitoba to record a song called Lovin' Vein. I had spent the day recording guide tracks for vocals, guitars, and bass. On a whim near the end of the day I had recording engineer Jody Hunter queue up a new Pro Tools session and I laid down an acoustic guitar track (you can hear me humming to keep my spot in the song in the background!) Next, I laid down a vocal track, and then the guitar solo. Each in one take, one after the other. The result, I feel, is a very inspired performance of one of my all-time favorite songs of mine. I initially wrote Only Your Love with a suberb Jazz guitar solo that was cut short in the pop-inspired 2015 recording with Dale Penner. Here, my original-written solo is in full, tasteful form. Enjoy!"

The single will be available on several digital platforms on March 21, 2021.

Only Your Love
Vocals, guitars: Orvis Thomas
Recording engineer: Jody Hunter
Mixing: Ryan McVeigh
Mastering: Scott Pinder


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