Back In Winnipeg After 24 Years !

By Son Of Dave

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After 24 years abroad in London, Son Of Dave returns triumphant ...well cap in hand, to native Winnipeg. Looking forward to doing more Canada touring to make up for lost time while thousands of shows went down everywhere from Scotland to Uganda, Lebanon to Moscow.

Currently releasing singles from upcomming April relase of his TENTH album, there's no shortage of back catalogue and accolade. The videos have millions of views. Spotify is up to 47 thousands listeners per week.  But it's hard to find a gig in town. Pandemic you say?  What Pandemic? The festivals are full up, still to present acts postponed from two years ago. And younger venues have no idea who this 55 year old freak is. Time will tell if the locals throw rotten veg, or cheer and should along.

A few sharp eyes may remember Son Of Dave (Benjamin Darvill ) from his days as a young man in Crash Test Dummies. Ten years with them, four albums, and countless long tours.  A few super keen folks will remember the many other local projects Benjamin was involved in - The Detonators, Doc Leonards Road Apple Review, Despertas , team-ups with Ben Sures and more.

There's lots to brag about, but also a lot to apologize for. .-) Let's get on with it !

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