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By Sheena Grobb

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Catalog No.

After two years in and out of the studio, her enchanting follow-up album Grow is set to be released this Spring. A labour of love, the album was co-produced by Sheena and 11-time Juno Award nominated producer Dan Donahue, who claims that from start to finish, this is one of the best albums he�s ever been part of. The music featured on the album is centered around several years of questioning and emotional exploration following an early divorce at 22 and a series of shifts and growth spurts that occurred thereafter. Sheena is quoted saying It's nice that people might enjoy hearing me sing. But I'd rather the focus be on the process of the listener. I'd like to be part of helping people in transformation... those looking to connect with a deeper part of themselves. If the music I create can help someone else feel just a little more human... just a little closer to who they really are, then the gift is returned to me. The featured track off the upcoming album is entitled Getting Warmer - a sign of things to come.

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