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Scars on the Ceiling

Scars on the Ceiling

By Matt Cory

Friday, March 15, 2019
Matt Cory
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With his music being compared to such legends as Ozzy Osbourne, Alice In Chains, Alice Cooper and even Myles Kennedy, Matt Cory has released his 5 track debut EP: Scars on the Ceiling. Pulling influences from the decades past, Matt is a pure hard rocker with a no-nonsense attitude towards writing songs. With the slow footstomper title track “Scars on the Ceiling” to the mellon collie track “Feel The Change” to the head banger that would make a perfect encore track “Ready to Break”, Matt Cory shows a lot of promise.

All of the music came together extremely fast taking inspiration from his heros including Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Velvet Revolver. But after spending a year in his 90’s acoustic grunge cover band Vertigo, things have changed. “I was always a guitar player and never a singer in the past, I was too afraid to take the plunge and become that guy but now things have changed and I can't get enough.” Says Cory.

With balancing his vocal capabilities through electric and acoustic shows belting out 90s tracks including Nirvana’s “In Bloom”, Filter’s “Hey Man Nice Shot” and Stone Temple Pilots “Dead and Bloated” Cory decided to write and record his own EP heavily influenced by these bands. “The tracks have elements of fantasy in them, they are meant to be relatable and are supposed to tell a story” Cory revealed.

Reception has been very well-received so far for Cory. The EP was launched on March 15 through various streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. He is planning to launch a YouTube page going deeper into the tracks explaining their meanings and inspiration to increase social media traffic to his pages.

For more information please contact Matt at or follow mattc415 on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

You can check out the EP here:

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