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Only Your Love

Only Your Love

By Orvis

Sunday, March 21, 2021
Orvis Thomas
Studio 23
Broken Cloud Entertainment
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In July 2020, I was very adamant about getting back to recording my own compositions. I had booked a session at Studio 23 in St. Anne, Manitoba to record a song called Lovin' Vein. I had spent the day recording guide tracks for vocals, guitars, and bass. On a whim near the end of the day I had recording engineer Jody Hunter queue up a new Pro Tools session and I laid down an acoustic guitar track (you can hear me humming to keep my spot in the song in the background!) Next, I laid down a vocal track, and then the guitar solo. Each in one take, one after the other. The result, I feel, is a very inspired performance of one of my all-time favorite songs of mine. I initially wrote Only Your Love with a superb Jazz guitar solo that was cut short in the pop-inspired 2015 recording with Dale Penner. Here, my original-written solo is in full, tasteful form. Enjoy!


Released March 21, 2021
Recorded at Studio 23, July 2020 in St. Anne, Manitoba.

Vocals, guitars: Orvis Thomas
Recording engineer: Jody Hunter
Mixing: Ryan McVeigh
Mastering: Scott Pinder

Artwork designed by Orvis Thomas and Art Szabo

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