Dreams May Become Reality for Two Winnipeg Acts

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Some Canadian musicians are about to have their dreams come true, courtesy of the CBC. Two Winnipeg acts - multi-lingual vocal group Madrigaļa and singer/songwriter Steve Schellenberg - are among the semi-finalists for CBC’s Great Canadian Music Dream. Audiences have the opportunity to vote for their favourites when the semi-finals air on January 29 on CBC TV and CBC Radio Two.

The Prairie semi-finalists were taped back in early August of 2002 at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre in a dynamic and diverse concert.Schellenberg and Madrigaļa will be competing against folk/rockers Painting Daisies and fiddler Maria Millar from Edmonton, and Saskatchewan rockers Sweetsalt.

Over the summer, CBC TV and CBC Radio Two went across the country recording performances in five Canadian Regions, where regional musicians competed against each other in the Great Canadian Music Dream. The five qualifying shows in the Great Canadian Music Dream have already begun broadcasting nationally and will continue eastward across the country throughout February.The events are being hosted by Jian Ghomeshi of Moxy Fruvous.

Within 48 hours of each of the five qualifying broadcasts, the television and radio audiences can cast their votes via a 1-900 number or by internet. The votes will be counted along with the theatre audience and jury votes gathered at each of the shows. The Prairie finalists will be announced on February 5 at the Ontario Region broadcast in Toronto.

The Grand Prize winner for the Great Canadian Music Dream will be announced at the end of the Finale broadcast on February 26. The Grant Prize itself is a CBC TV/CBC Radio Two special starring none other than the Grand Prize winner, offering valuable exposure for the primarily independent artists involved in the contest.

Catch the Manitoba broadcast on January 29, 2003 on CBC television and CBC Radio Two at 8pm. To cast your vote or find out more about the Great Canadian Music Dream, please visit www.cbc.ca/musicdream.

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